Watch your practice flourish with the individual attention that MPI offers.


Your account representative will personally handle all claims, aggressively following each of them until payment is made.  Trained medical coders keep current with the latest procedural changes and our state-of-the-art accounting system ensures that every claim is tracked and reported.  MPI offers comprehensive support for your office staff, including training, customized forms, and complete access to financial information vital to the health of your practice.


Services include:

Medical Billing Services

  • Electronic insurance claim submissions
  • Patient billing and collections
  • Complete follow-up through reimbursement
  • Specialists in No-fault and Worker’s Compensation
  • Financial reporting to track your charges, credits and cash flow
  • High collection rate for denied and rejected claims
  • Letters of written justification and medical necessity
  • Remote data access to your patient, billing and practice information
  • 100% National Standard Format (NSF compliant)


Additional Services

  • Evaluate and troubleshoot your current billing methods
  • Track all denials and fee reductions (for analysis and correction)
  • Recommend solutions for optimizing cash flow and reimbursements
  • Establish procedures and customized forms for your practice
  • Pre-funding of receivables
  • Analyze and optimize fee schedules (based on prior payment statistics)
  • Managed Care participation analysis and reporting
  • Transcription, staffing and payroll
  • Receivables management for large group and enterprise models
  • Hybrid levels of service (allowing your office access to our system)


In-House Systems Options

Levels of service available at your practice:
  • Modem or frame relay (continuous connection) access to your account
  • Appointment scheduling
  • System query and reporting capabilities
  • Patient demographics, co-pays, cash and C4’s entered on-site
  • Authorized dealer for all modules of Sequel Systems “SequelMed” software
  • Staff training
  • Technical support


complete2MPI Complete™
Comprehensive medical billing, coding and collections services for solo providers, multi-specialty medical groups and large physician enterprises.


remote2MPI Remote™
Remote Accessibility for reporting, patient scheduling (including electronic eligibility and encounter form printing).


backoffice2MPI BackOffice™
Partial Billing Services for the office that wants to enter charges and schedule patients. MPI handles claim submission, redit analysis, follow-up and account management.


express2MPI Express™
MPI Hosted EMR — very cost effective and fully integrated with MPI’s billing and management systems.


bizintel2MPI Business Intelligence™
With the power of Oracle’s BI™ (Business Intelligence) technology, MPI offers on-line access to dynamic custom reporting, physicians’ dashboards and up-to-the-minute executive level practice analysis catered to YOUR preferences.


Let the Medical Billing Professionals at MPI take away the headaches and increase the viability of your practice today. 

For further information, or to schedule an appointment, call (718) 388-1600.